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Cancellation Policy and Fees




We strongly urge cancellation insurance, 
which can be purchased from Travel Guard  (phone 1-800-454-7107). 


Cruise lines have very costly cancellation fees. The hotels we use levy cancellation fees which vary from one to five nights depending upon the place and season.  Aero-Marine has cancellation fees which cover our time and costs.  Denied boarding is never a valid reason to miss an interline tour or cruise. Carry back up passes on other airlines, search alternate routings, go early.

Once your reservation is held, but before payment has been made, there is a $60 cancellation fee to your credit card on file.  After a tour has been booked and a payment has been made the cancellation fee is a minimum of $60 per person PLUS all communication, currency exchange etc. in addition to fees levied by the supplier (hotel, airline, cruise line. train company etc.). Cancellation fees for multi-city tours may be higher.

If you cancel you should notify Aero-Marine as soon as you know you will not take the program. Aero-Marine will the contact the vendor on your behalf.

A guideline for  cancellation fees

Beyond 60 days

Minimum $60 per person plus any supplier fees

59-30 days prior

$300 per person plus any supplier fees

29-15 days prior

50% of the total tour cost

Within two weeks

100% non-refundable

These are guidelines only. It is your responsibility to check cancellation policies on the program you book. Apartments, barges, cruise lines and specialty programs have strict penalties and differ from the above information. Please ask your travel consultant about the cancellation penalty for those programs should you book one. 

Change Fees

As soon as we take your reservation we make your booking with our supplier. We send your paym,ent to our local bank and an Aero-Marine check to our International Bank, to have it converted into the currency of the country involved (commissions and currency exchange fees), and then pre-pay the supplier via check or wire transfer (transfer fees). Changes after this time cost extra money. There is minimum change fee of $60 plus all communication charges and other costs for a change in any reservation. The fees may be higher with multi-city tours. 


You are responsible to keep your party informed. We will only send information and final travel documents to the person making the booking. Aero-Marine acts as an agent for those providing the vacation services. Aero-Marine will not be held responsible for passengers who arrive late due to any reason beyond Aero-Marine's direct control. Aero-Marine will not be held responsible for payment or refund for any unused accommodations, meals, or other services due to late arrival, early departure or any other reason for non-participation. Acceptance of the tour/cruise tickets and or vouchers shall be deemed consent by you and your party that Aero-Marine will not be held responsible for or held liable in any way for any loss, injury, or damage to any person or property regardless of how caused.


In the event of complaints concerning travel arrangements made through Aero-Marine, clients are requested to contact our office immediately. Aero-Marine will do it's best to solve the problem as soon as possible. If the problem can not be solved in a reasonable time frame, a letter of complaint detailing the circumstances along with any supporting information must be sent to Aero-Marine within 30 days of  the date of departure. Any problems or complaints brought to our attention beyond 30 days from date of departure will not be dealt with.


Because we have entered the vast international interline market, you must keep yourself aware of Visa Requirements. Aero-Marine tries to keep up with these constantly changing rules but cannot do it all. If you are not holding US passport you should tell your agent. We will help all we can but the ultimate responsibility for a visa is yours.


**Rate Disclaimer**
All rates shown are based on the current exchange rate.
 It is important to note that foreign exchange rates fluctuate frequently 
and that the prices provided above, can change at any time without notice.
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